alan_bwAlan Jones

Born in 1964 with a desire from the womb to make people colourful. As a child raised by pirates travelling the 7 seas to fulfill his need to put ink skin and draw birds. By the age of 16 his life as a pirate seemed to be going nowhere the call for tattooed pirates was diminishing so a new career called.This fit tattooed young man was enticed to the military partly to escape the wrath of the neighborhood parents who where furious at there children running around with fresh tattoos from the young master.


During this period contact was made with some masters the craft and realized there was much more to learn he left the military to concentrate on opening his shop and further learning the noble art. This journey took him back to travelling the continents of world to distant tattoo studios. With his shop based in Maastricht, the Netherlands as a base, he went on his tattoo quest to work with masters of the Art worldwide.

Picking up a world round renown and client base. As a result becoming a well rounded artist in all styles and can every style, from old school to Japanese traditional.

linny-legHowever, the last years prefers to work in his own styles and new styles which tends to be a bit more colourful with the Alan Jones twist on things. Making his work recognizable from other artists slightly more unique in some ways. Making customers walk out happy with cool ink is the aim of Alan and his team at Blue Pearl Tattoo. Large color works are his forte in these twilight years and his hobbies which include motorcycling and travel.